Descended from the bleak, sandy islets of Northern Europe, the Dreyer brothers were reared in Charlottesville, Virginia, a city which remains their emotional if not actual base of operations.

Dreyer Projects Global HQ is now based on Shanghai’s Huaihai Road in order to address the large and continuous scale of projects taking place in that vicinity. Currently, projects are underway all around the world, including New York, Los Angeles, London, Amsterdam, and Bangkok, under the supervision of local operatives.

Max Dreyer is a composer, multi-instrumentalist, recording and mixing engineer, and music producer, living in New York City. He works out of East Side Sound, recording musicians of all genres in the famous live rooms. He also writes music for films and theatrical productions, including for the East/West Theatre in Shanghai, for the Four Seasons Hotel in Beijing, and for numerous fashion and art events, from Shanghai to NYC. He has produced such diverse projects as Wang Bo’s film ‘XXX’ (name and link coming) and the vinyl production for Monte De Rosas’ album ‘XXX’ (name and link coming.) His compositions and productions can be found here.

Jacob Dreyer, based in Shanghai, explores issues of geography and society in contemporary China in his practice as a writer. His journalism has been featured in LEAP, Randian, and the Guardian; he has recently spoken at forums such as the St. Petersburg Bienniale of Architecture and Urbanism (RU) and the Technische Universteit, Delft (NL); and his book “The Nocturnal Wanderer” is forthcoming from Eros Press (another, with the working title “The Cosmic Diagram,” is in the works). In addition to writing, he collaborates with visual and media artists such as Wang Bo on a forthcoming film about Harbin and Egor Rogalev on a photo-essay about generic architecture and the post-socialist condition. His writing is archived on this site.