a collection of tunes about time and space

I. Ten Thousand Bamboo Poles in Cold Mist

An old man walks through a grove of bamboo one chill morning, accompanied only by his memories. The girl he loved as a boy has of late preoccupied his thoughts; perhaps reincarnated, by now, as this bamboo, this ancient forest, or cat that seems to be sitting whereever he tries to put a foot down. For synthesizer. Recorded in 2008.

II. Iron Man Accidental Murder

Consumed with anguish at the terror he has become, our hero/villain vainly tries to kill himself again and again, only to find that his hatred of himself is overwhelmed by his indestructibility and his hatred of biological life. He dons a mask and looks to the endless void between the stars for relief. For synthesizer. Recorded in 2008.

III. Imprisoned in Earth: Father Time Lies Dormant in the Forgotten Emerald Lode

You travel into a deep cave, slowly, respectfully, giving regard to the spirits that you know must live in such an ancient place. Suddenly, your lantern goes out, but to your surprise, you are not in the dark; a green glow emenates from up ahead… what could it be? Some murderous spirit, intent on malicious harm? Some dark spell, cast and forgotten? Some ancient god, imprisoned underground until one thousand civilizations have risen and fallen? To learn the answer, all you must do is turn the bend… For synthesizer. Recorded in 2008.

IV. Tetragrammatron: Ancient Powers Battle for the Grid

There is a circuit, seemingly lifeless, but within it lies the key to salvation or damnation, good or evil, triumph… or destruction. These minds have lurked in the ether for too, too long, and now that they have a gateway into our world, who knows what havoc they may wreak. Ghosts in hardware, spirits in the wires, these electric Gods are too old, far too old, to know anything but the hunger that lurks in their hearts. For synthesizer and effects. Recorded in 2008.

V. Satellite Transmission SOS: We Died Far Away From Home

A solar flare, meteor storm, or something more sinister kills the crew of a space shuttle, to the man. Their final transmission shoots past world after world of primitives sitting in grass huts who have never seen a radio. Finally, a satellite intercepts it; what does it mean? Without the proper decoding protocol, it is useless to us… a garble of alien sounds. No one will ever know the fate of these most brave adventurers. For electric guitar and effects. Recorded in 2007.

VI. In Order To Maintain Cosmic Equilibrium, The City Was As Much A Necropolis As a Haven For the Living

A lone hawk soars overhead as you wander through the narrow alleys of this labyrynthine monument to dead ancestors. For synthesizer. Recorded in 2008.

VII. Escape from Toad Cavern

An intrepid young rabbit travels into the depths of the vile TOAD CAVERN to rescue the squirrel lass, the apple of his eye, and together with a stout old mole, they find the way out of the earth, meeting battle with slimy toads, newts, and sentient lichens along the way. They emerge into the sunlight finally, and a feast is thrown, dandelion cordial and turnip pie all around. For keyboard, synthesizer and effects - a collaboration with the equally intrepid Charles Carrier. Recorded in 2007.