Destruction in all its forms.

man will worship bones cover

##I. Electrical Storm in the Crab Nebulae: Death Cry of a Galaxy

Inspired in part by Arthur C Clarke’s short story The Star. Civilizations are destroyed in an instant, in the twinkling of the eye of some ancient god, a million years later we see a star jump for an instant and then still - we will never truly understand the power that destroyed these peoples, and left these blackened temples and empty metropolises. For synthesizer and effects. Recorded in 2007.

##II. Endless Metropolis Cobbled Together out of Unadulterated Loneliness: Chongqing

In a piece paying tribute to legendary composer and performer Ornette Coleman, a girls stands on a balcony, watching the lights of the city. In the patterns of traffic she sees the seasons, the history of her life, and the faces of all of her ancestors, ghoulishly arising from the sultry night as a phantom, to remind her of her destiny. For sampler. Recorded in 2010.

##III. Boskop Atavism: Shaman of the Southern Continent

The veldt is empty, moonlight showing only the yellowed grass - until suddenly a slight figure strides out from behind an outcropping of rocks - lean, stringy muscle and a bizarrely large skull mark him as different, his childlike face serene. He is of an ancient, wise race of elders who once ruled Africa. He will be celebrated throughout history in form and racial memory - angel, demon, succubus, god - his legacy will live long after he has abdicated the world in bitter sorrow. For kalimba and Max/MSP. Recorded in 2010.

##IV. Les Assassins

Creeping through cobblestone alleyways in the great capital, a young thief proves his worth to the Assassins Guild. Tommorrow, the newsboys will call out that The King is Dead, as a young man blends in with ten thousand other poor, angry young men. For synthesizer. Recorded in 2008.

##V. Tunguska

An ancient land, an endless desert, destroyed by one man’s genius. A land of ghosts and memories, left for the future to pick through. For synthesizer and sequencer. Recorded in 2009.

##VI. Radar Intercept Data Analysis: My Orders Are Clear

Stranded on some alien moon, two become one, without uniforms and without ranks. However, when an incoming transmission reveals the affiliations of these two, the situation becomes dire. The order comes in, and the tide of the alien ocean goes out , stained with blood that will diffuse until it is meaningless and forgotten. For sequencer, synthesizer, and effects. Recorded in 2008.

##VII. Hive City Standard

The intricacies of the group mind baffle researchers; their impenetrable metropolis has seen no man return alive, but the grandeur and majesty of its architecture sees many come to investigate. For synthesizer and sequencer. Recorded in 2009.

##VIII. The Earth is a Serpent

Writhing, alive, and merciless, mother earth burrows through time and space to a dimension beyond comprehension, a dimension that, like dirt mother terra, lives, squirms, and devours. For acoustic and electric guitar, as well as sequencer. Recorded in 2009.